PR40: The Ramones: Hey! Ho! Lets Go!

In January of 1976 the Ramones went into the studio for one week. Three months later, to not very much fanfare, they released their debut album, Ramones, and ‘the birth of punk music’.

It took almost 25 years for the album to reach ‘gold’ status in sales, but the fact that people remember the album so fondly, and still enjoy playing it, really says it all. It truly is a classic.

To add a bit more to this story we also watched a documentary about the band, End of The Century, which runs for roughly 100 minutes and gives many great insights into the band.

If you’ve not seen the film you should. It is loaded with so many great interviews with the band, people involved with the band, peers, and plenty of electric live footage.

Like us, you may prefer certain genres of music over others, but we’re sure that you’re like us and will think ‘if it’s good, it’s good’.

The Ramones were a complex band, innovative, influential, and their debut album is like shot of adrenaline.

Melissa George: Retrospective

She has stared in "Alias", "In Treatment", "30 Days of Night", "The Good Wife", "Mulholland Drive", "The Slap", "Triangle", "Grey's Anatomy", "Hunted" and many more besides.

An impressive resume to be sure, but it's fair to say that there is a lot more to this very versatile and talented actress than you perhaps realise. 

Born in 1976 in Perth, Australia, at an early age she showed a passion and flair for Artistic Rollerskating. A passion that saw her win medals at national level and eventually silver at the 1991 world championships.  Years later, George would also appear as herself in the 2013 documentary “Rollerboy".

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10 Icelandic Musicians You Show Know

Iceland is a country that contributes enormously, and in so many ways, to the rest of the world.  

In no other area is this more prominent than their musical output.  Iceland has produced some world renowned acts such as Bjork, The Sugarcubes and Sigur Ros.  But believe me they are just the tip of the iceberg.

So if you already love Icelandic music or if you just want to add some new tunes to your collection, here is a break down of the Icelandic Artists you need to check out:

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Beauty Bottled - Hair Raisers

So here it is at last.

9 of the most beautiful songs ever written.  Songs which make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

It's a nice feeling and I'm finally willing to let you feel as good as I do.

Oh, and more good news, I'm not just TELLING you what songs to listen to, I'm also TELLING you exactly when in the song to listen from.

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Desert Island Discs

Desert Island Disc’s first appeared on BBC Radio in 1942, and remains a popular series to this day.

On episode 28 of our podcast we thought it would be fun to try to take on the difficult task of whittling down a list of favourite tunes to just eight tracks.

We were delighted that so many people took the time to add their lists to our website, so we’ve collected them together and displayed them below. Hopefully you enjoy reading through these lists, and maybe even find one or two new songs along the way!

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The Not-Too-Distant Future - Part 1

Vincent Freeman

Genetic Predictions At Birth:
Neurological Disorder - 60% Probability
Manic Depressive - 42% Probability
Attention Deficit Disorder: 89% Probability
Heart Disorder with Early Fatal Potential: 99% Probability
Life Expectancy: 30.2 Years

Record Extract:
Guidance Counsellor Hugo Lamar's interview with in-valid pupil Vincent Freeman:

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Limitless: You, But Better

What if you could access your brains full potential, rather than just the 10 or so percent we use now?

The 10% thing is of course a myth, so I'll rephrase the question, what if you could be the best that you possibly could be?

What if all that was required to make this happen was 1 pill (taken daily) called NZT? 

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The Return

A number of years ago I used to enjoy writing screenplays.  

I wrote about sci-fi mainly, but if I considered a topic interesting enough I just went for it. It's safe to say I was no Allan Loeb but it was always a fun pastime for me.

But what does it actually take to translate your work from page to screen? 

A good number of things obviously but maybe top of the list is the ability to quieten that voice inside you saying "it's not good enough".

Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Bottom line is you won't know if you don't try.

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When I Saw You I Fell In Love...

... And you smiled because you knew. - William Shakespeare

The story of Tiffany and Pat falling in love in Silver Linings Playbook is more complex, but ultimately still comes down to love at (more or less) first sight.

Pat has just been released from hospital after being treated for bipolar disorder when he meets (through friends) Tiffany. She's a young widow with depression and problems of her own and the two quickly click.

They grow close and spend a lot of time together, but despite Tiffany's regular suggestions of casual sex, Pat always politely declines as he is trying to win back his ex Nikki.

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